Leonessa Restaurant

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Leonessa Restaurant 

The history of the Leonessa family actually has more remote origins dating back forty years, when the grandfather of the current owners Oscar, Luigi and Diego, opened a restaurant attached to a small fruit and vegetable shop in Cercola (NA).

The dedication to work, sacrifice, and above all the ambition of those who want to get involved, leads to the acquisition of the pasta shop “Il tortellino di San Giorgio”, laying the foundations for the entrepreneurial adventure of the Lioness family.

A passion and enthusiasm that, with pride, the current generation of Oscar, Luigi and Diego continues to cultivate first of all with the birth of the Leonessa artisan pasta factory based in Cercola (NA), then with the Leonessa Pastabar inside the ‘Interporto di Nola (NA) and with a takeaway formula at Cis di Nola (NA), finally with Leonessa Restaurant located inside the Leonessa Pastabar.

VekStudio events & communications is entrusted with the implementation of the coordinated communication project divided into:

  • Leonessa Restaurant Logotype Concept
  • Photo shooting food and location
  • Corporate identity Project
  • Realization of the Wine List
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