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Client Profile – The Phlegraean Fields (Campi Flegrei) near Naples is a volcanic area especially notorious for bradyseismic uplift and subsidence, with the Gulf of Pozzuoli as the most endangered area. The inflation and deflation of this caldera along the centuries has led to an urgent demand for an evacuation plan, particularly for the town of Pozzuoli and all its inhabitants. The plan has been finally put into effect in 2012 with the construction of a beltway connection among Naples expressway junction, the coastal area, and the port basin of Pozzuoli.

Sabesa Company was in charge of all the construction works.

Vek Studio Project – We worked on photo features and video reports of the construction process, as well as on the whole graphic design of the recorded booklet. Moreover, we also created invitation cards, soiree leaflet, general information brochure, and exhibition billboards for the event Restoration of the Tanks in Nervi, organized by the municipality of Pozzuoli and the University of Salerno, and sponsored by Sabesa Company.

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