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Pasta LiguoriGragnano pasta since 1820 – is well known for its specific extrusion technique that grants exceptional texture and porosity; it is then always al dente, and able to hold each sauce at best. Liguori products have earned PGI status, and owe its unique qualities to the district of Gragnano itself, which is internationally recognized as the City of Pasta.

The soil around Gragnano shows exclusive features due to constant moisture that supplements water with precious mineral components; this special water – used in the pasta dough – together with the warm climate and the skill of the local pasta maker, make Liguori Products a brilliant “contemporary tradition”.

Vek Studio developed a new communication plan from 2012 to 2018 subdivided as followed:

  • New logo design for Liguori and Liguori Bio brands.
  • Packaging for multiple product lines – traditional, special shapes, organic, whole-wheat, and durum wheat.
  • Products catalog.
  • Products photo shoots – technical and adv.
  • Corporate identity.
  • Company and territory photo reportage (Gragnano).
  • Business portraits.
  • Company show reel.
  • Sale supply material.
  • Visual design for exhibition stalls.
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packaging pasta liguori
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