Pastificio Liguori

Client Profile

Gragnano is an urban district of Naples in Italy, but is largely known as the City of Pasta since its dried pasta is one of the best and most renowned in the entire world. The soil around Gragnano shows unique features due to constant moisture that supplements water with precious mineral components, and it’s this exclusive water used in the pasta dough that makes such a quality product.

Liguori is a brand that produces Gragnano pasta since 1820, and its products have recently received PGI status. Liguori pasta is prepared through a particular extrusion technique that grants exceptional texture and porosity, so that pasta is always al dente, and able to hold each sauce at best.

Vek Studio Project

To develop a whole new communication plan working on six different design stages:

Creation of a new logo and packaging new graphics

Corporate identity

Products photo shoot – technical snapshots and advertising

Product catalogue and company brochure


Space design

Project DevelopmentAn old picture that belongs to the Alinari Archive entitled The Drying of Macaroni inspired us. Starting from the great tradition that marks out Liguori pasta, we decided to upgrade it into a more contemporary look through the above-mentioned design stages.

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