Le Gemme Del Vesuvio

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The Pastificio Le Gemme Del Vesuvio was born from the all-Neapolitan love for Pasta.

An artisanal product, which ranges from the search for fine Italian durum wheat semolina, kneading slowly for over 20 minutes with very pure water, and the exclusive use of bronze dies, with very slow drying at temperatures of 40°-50° .

The result is a unique pasta, with a wheat scent and extraordinary cooking performance.

Not only “Neapolitan macaroni”, Le Gemme Del Vesuvio also produces vegetables and tomatoes typical of the Vesuvian area, fundamental products of the Mediterranean diet.

“Always improving the quality of our products” is the mission of the Fornaro family, seeking innovation, originality and excellence while respecting tradition. “Only time and passionate work allow you to achieve what you want”

Vek Studio Events & Communications has been entrusted with the implementation of the coordinated communication project divided into:

  • Rebranding Le Gemme Del Vesuvio logo
  • Still life/technical photo shooting Adv.
  • photo shooting Studio complete
  • pasta packaging line
  • Pasta product catalogue
  • Preserved product catalogue
  • Institutional brochure Studying new tomato labels
  • I’m studying new preserve labels
  • Coordinated Image
  • Promotional packaging
vek studio graphic design progetto grafico
vek studio packaging design label
vek studio label design conserve italiane
vek studio photography brand le gemme del vesuvio
vek studio catalogo le gemme del vesuvio
vekstudio packaging graphic design le gemme del vesuvio
vek studio label design le gemme del vesuvio scaled
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