SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING a mix of communication on different social networks


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING a mix of communication on different social networks

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (also called SMM) is that set of multipurpose strategies, tailor-made for social platforms, through which companies and brands aim to promote their products or services, reach new customers or involve more and better customers. current customers and, last but not least, build and spread their image and values.
Social Networks connect people and brands directly, without filters this is the great step that identifies social media marketing. Building a world of relationships on various social networks, the mission of brands and the use of these tools allows you to have immediate feedback on your business and products, creating a sense of belonging in the user and stimulating him to approach and then invite him to perform precise actions (sharing, interactions, evaluations, purchases).
Of course today we know that Social Media Marketing represents a mix of communication on different Social Networks. 
First of all it is necessary to understand which virtual places preside over our potential target. Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? LinkedIn? However, it must be clarified that every social network needs an appropriate communication style because on each of these there will be different ways of interacting and targeting.

For this reason, for an appropriate social media marketing activity it is essential to draw up an editorial plan at least twice a week, which can be consulted and improved in collaboration with the customer and understand 
and measure the results obtained month by month.

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