Rega Food, a brand with over 60 years of history!


Rega Food, a brand with over 60 years of history!

The graphic project of the REGA FOOD logo was born from the strategic need to bring together 3 Italian brands from the Campania food canning sector in a single brand:

  • Rega
  • Strianese
  • Aunt Rosa


From the colors used, in the creation of the logo there is an explicit reference to nature and the Italian product, the elegance of the REGA font is surrounded by a freestyle FOOD lettering, all in a minimal key giving a dynamic and young image, easily recognizable.

In fact, representing around 60 years of history in the canning department in a logo is not always easy, on the one hand there is a reference to tradition (see the Rega writing) while on the other there is the desire to look forward (see written Food).

The Food Industry Agriconserve Rega Soc. Coop. Agricola is an excellence from Campania, based in Striano in the province of Naples, it is famous throughout the world for the processing and transformation of tomatoes, in particular the San Marzano DOP tomatoes.

Over the last 15 years, thanks to the commitment of the Rega family, the company has set important goals both in Italy and abroad, reaching the production of 500,000 quintals for the Ho.Re.Ca channel. and large-scale distribution, including conventional, organic and DOP products such as the San Marzano tomato.

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