Caputo Company was born in the 1930’s thanks to Vincenzo Caputo, who first learned the craft from his father Angelo while working in the family business, and then decided to start his own firm. Today his company is one of the most successful in the production and sale of dried and roasted fruits (with and without shell).

Recently Caputo Company has marketed new, compelling products that follow the latest demands of the consumers for healthier food: Organic, Roasted and Unsalted Dried Fruits, and Dehydrated Fruits. As a matter of fact, advanced researches have proved that the use of organic raw ingredients, and the non-addition of salt are essential for disease prevention and wellbeing in our modern society.

Therefore, the new graphics on the Caputo packages has a double goal: to bring out all the healthy features of the latest products, while being always recognizable for the customary consumer.

Vek Studio has been assigned the following tasks:

To conceive and craft the new packages of Dehydrated Fruits, and Organic, Roasted, Unsalted Fruits.
To shoot products pictures for specialized and advertising purposes.
To create the direct marketing campaign.

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